I.  Thomas Phillips I

Thomas Phillips born in 1596 (wife unknown).


                       I.  Thomas Phillips born ca. 1634, possibly in Northam, Devonshire, England and died ca. 1731.

                      II.  John Phillips born 1648, possibly in Northam, Devonshire,England and died in 1701, North Farnham Parish, 

                             Richmond Co. Virginia.

                      III.  Philip Phillips born before 1659


II.  Thomas Phillips II

Thomas Phillips born ca. 1634  possibly in Northam, Devonshire, and died ca. 1731. Thomas married Elizabeth (maiden name unknown).


                       I.    Thomas Phillips born September 16, 1674, in Northam, Devonshire,   England and died April 4, 1751 in 

                               Northampton Co. N.C.

                       II.   Rueben Phillips born before 1674, possibly in Northam, Devonshire, England.


III.  Thomas Phillips III

Thomas Phillips born September 16, 1674, in Northam, Devonshire,   England and died April 4, 1751 in Northampton Co. N.C.  Thomas married Mary Eleanor Sutton, daughter of Christopher Sutton and Hope Beaumont.  Mary was born 1683 and died in 1728.  Thomas married 2nd wife Martha Patricia (maiden name unknown). 

        Children of Thomas Phillips and Mary Sutton:

                       I.       Reuben Phillips, born 1715 in Cecil Co. MD. and died in 1805 in Oglethorpe Co. GA.

                       II.      John Phillips, born before 1751 in Cecil Co. MD. and died after March 28, 1777, Richmond Co. GA.

                       III.     Thomas Phillips IV, born 1704, Dorchester Co. MD. Married  Rebecca Clements, born ca. 1714, Cecil Co.


                       IV.      Mark Phillips

                       V.        Mary Phillips

                       VI.       Samuel Phillips, born ca. 1699, Cecil Co. MD. and died after 1761.

                       VII.     William Phillips, born in Cecil Co. MD. Married Sara (maiden name unknown)

                       VIII.    Patience Phillips


IV.  Reuben Phillips

Reuben Phillips was born in 1715 in Cecil Co. MD. and died in 1805 in Oglethorpe Co. GA. Reuben married 1st wife Katherine Jones.  Reuben married 2nd wife Catherine Howard in 1746 in Rowan Co. N.C. Catherine was born in Wales, England in 1707 and died after 1768 in Rowan County N.C. 

        Children of Reuben Phillips and Catherine Howard:

                       I.        Jonas Phillips, born between 1754-1757 in Fredrick Co. MD. and died ca. 1835, Pendleton District, S.C.

                       II.      Jesse Phillips, born 1753 in Cecil Co. MD. and died in TN.

                       III.     John Phillips, born ca. 1749, Cecil Co. MD. and died November 23, 1839.

                       IV.      Thomas Phillips V, born ca. 1745 in Fredrick Co. MD. and died May 5, 1834, Jackson Co. GA.

                       V.       William Phillips, born 1749 in Cecil Co. MD. and died 1843 in Overton Co. TN.

                       VI.      Levi Phillips, born September 25, 1751, Cecil Co. MD. and died January 14, 1840.

                       VII.     Reuben Phillips Jr., born December 27, 1757 in Cecil Co. MD. and died 1814, Wilkes Co. N.C.

                       VIII.    Adam Phillips, born December 27, 1762 in Fredrick Co. MD. and died December 27, 1858 in Ashville N.C.

                                     (Buncombe Co. at his home on Haw Creek)  Adam married Hannah Bailey ca. 1787 in Rowan Co. N.C.

                       IX.        Elizabeth Phillips, born July 4, 1768 in Woodsboro, Fredrick Co. MD. and married William Hughey, 

                                    July 3, 1791, Rowan Co. N.C. born before 1773.

                       X.         Katherine Phillips, died 1770.

                       XI.        Mary Ann Phillips, married Samuel Cummins, March 6, 1790 in Rowan Co. N.C.



V.  William Phillips

William Phillips was born in 1749 in Cecil Co. MD. and died in 1843 in Overton Co. TN.  The name of Williams wife is unknown.

         Children of William Phillips and his wife:

                       I.     Reuben Phillips, born 1778 died 1855 in Arkansas

                      II.   Moses Phillips, born 1783 in Rowan Co. NC and died in 1877.

                      III.  Thomas Phillips, born 1788

                      IV.   Adam Phillips, born 1794

                      V.     Beaty Phillips, born 1796

                      VI.   Samuel Phillips, born 1798

                      VII. William Buck Phillips Jr., born 1800 in Blount Co. TN.



The following information was taken from John Wesley Phillips book "Descendants of Rueben Phillips"

In 1776, William Phillips served under Colonel Locke and General Rutherford in a retaliatory strike against the Cherokees at Hiway in Tennessee.  General Rutherford led 1900 men across the mountains.  The casualties were buried at Third Creek Church.

On February 9, 1778 William Phillips filed for 100 acres of land on the headwaters of Dutch Second Creek next to Andrew Holtshouser, Wendle Miller, and Jesse Phillips in Rowan Co. N.C.

William appeared on the 1783 tax list of Rowan Co. N.C.

On October 25, 1786 William Phillips was granted 200 acres on Dutch Second Creek.

When the Phillips family split up in the late 1780's, William appears wither on the Mecklenburg Co. census or on the Wilkes Co. N.C. census in 1790.  William went west, settling first in Blount Co. TN and later in Overton Co. TN.