I.     Thomas Phillips 1596- unknown

II.    Thomas Phillips ca. 1634- ca. 1731 and wife Elizabeth (maiden name unknown)

III.   Thomas Phillips 1674-1751 and wife Mary Eleanor Sutton 1683-1728

IV.    Rueben Phillips  1715-1805 and wife Catherine Howard 1707- unknown

V.     William Phillips 1749-1843 (wife Unknown)

VI.     Moses and Sarah Phillips

VII.   Laborn and Lucinda "Cindy" Phillips

VIII.   John and Sarah Phillips

IX.    Farley and Alberta Phillips

            X.   Clifford Eugene Phillips "Buster"

            X.    Myrtle (Phillips) Sanders

            X.   Hazel Juanita (Phillips) and Charles Clifford Chandler

            X.   Leva Ellen (Phillips) and Cecil Strong

                  XI.     Kenneth Cecil Strong 

                  XI.     Jerry Douglas Strong

                  XI.     Brenda Jane Strong

                  XI.     Benny Joe Strong

                  XI.     Pamela (Strong) and Robert Kramer

           X.   Arthur D and Ingeborg Phillips

                   XI.     Daniela K. Phillips

                   XI.     Ron H. Phillips

           X.   Farley Jr. and Lucille Phillips

                   XI.     Linda (Phillips) and Samuel Spencer

                   XI.     Benny Joe Phillips

                   XI.     Mickey (Phillips) and Todd Kelley

           X.   A.J.