Arthur and Inge Phillips (Fischer)


Arthur D Phillips

Arthur D. Phillips was born on August 20, 1927 at a mining camp in Crawford Tennessee to Farley and Alberta Phillips.  His father, Farley, eventually relocated the family to Lake City in Anderson Co. Tennessee.  In 1944, Arthur joined the Army and was involved in campaigns in Germany, Korea and Vietnam.  Arthur served six tours in various combat zones.  Arthur was airborne qualified and served as an infantryman, Quartermaster and finished up his service as a food advisor and inspector for Ft. Belvoir and South Vietnam.  On August 28, 1969, Arthur Phillips married Ingeborg I. Fischer.  After his service to the country, he settled in Northern Virginia with his wife Inge and two children (Daniela and Ron) and managed the American Legion in Springfield Virginia and later for a security firm in Washington D.C. 


Military Awards


Hobbies:  Arthur loved to cook .  He did a lot of the cooking for his family.  

Arthur also loved to fish.  His brother, Farley Jr. (Uncle Jr.) told me that he and Arthur went fishing one time when they where kids and Arthur didn't catch anything, however, Uncle Jr. caught two fish.  Arthur wanted one of the fish that his brother had caught so that they could both present a fish to their father.  Uncle Jr. refused to give up a fish to Arthur and left Arthur in a fit.

Arthur also loved to read.  He was mainly interested in Astronomy, Archaeology, Geology and Current events.  He read a lot of western novels, especially by Louis Lamour.

Arthur enjoyed gardening and his favorite was growing tomatoes.  If Arthur would have had a choice to grow one plant in the world, it would  have been a tomato plant.  Arthur also enjoyed working around the house paving patios and building doors and gates.  Every Saturday we used to get up real early to work on whatever project Arthur had planned for the day. 

Ingeborg Phillips ( Fischer )

Ingeborg Phillips was born on August 5, 1933 in Swetzingen Germany.  She is a survivor of World War II and recalls surviving numerous bombings from allied warplanes.  She moved to the USA and became a Beautician at Ft. Belvoir Virginia.  At Ft. Belvoir, she met Arthur D. Phillips and they were married on August 28, 1969. 

Inge Phillips, like her husband, is an avid gardener and maintains a healthy collection of indoor plants.  She enjoys crafts and puts her talents to work as a Sunday School Teacher.  You can walk into her kitchen most of the time and see projects that she is working on.  She likes aerobics and attends aerobic classes at her gym on a regular basis and enjoys playing on her computer.

Arthur and Inge

One of the activities that Arthur and Inge Phillips did as a couple was bowling.  They joined a league together in Germany.  Arthur bowled for the Chiefs and Inge bowled for the Squaws.  In the USA they joined a league as well and bowled on the same team, "4 Peas in a Pod."  Inge said that when they played on the same team there was peace except when Inge scored higher than Arthur.

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