First and foremost I would like to thank the Lord my God, Jesus Christ, to whom I am eternally, lovingly and loyally in his service, for the sacrifice he made for all of us and the awesome leadership that he has provided me and my family.  He is the Lord and there is no other.


I would like to thank my parents, Arthur D and Inge Phillips for all of their love and support.  My sister Lila for all of her love and support. 


Mom, Dad, Lila, Uncle Jr. and Aunt Lucille for teaching me the value of family and teaching me how to appreciate this wonderful gift that God has given us.


I would like to express my gratitude to the following people for their contribution of information to this website:

Roger Sisco - Picture of Laborn and Lucinda and Picture of Moses and Artemia Phillips

Bobbie Murphy Farley - Census information

Earl and Charlene England - The Phillips Family book

Pam Kramer - John and Sarah Family Picture and a ton of other pics including the Looper family picture.

    Tim Jeffers - USGS information on Laborn's Backbone (Laboring Backbone)

Mary Smeykal - Information on the Arbella voyage

Thanks to  for all of the tutorials and assistance with this website.


 Julia Jaworski (Phillips)

Author:  "Phillips of Wales Settle in America"


John Wesley Phillips

Author:  "Descendants of Rueben Phillips"